Our Sweet Spot

Growth Capital

We typically work with innovative high-growth Canadian companies – businesses that are post-launch, have revenues, staff, and a “born- global” philosophy. Their funding needs are post family, friends and angels, but pre-venture capital – in the $5m to $25m range.

We have solid connections to sources of capital: debt, equity, foreign, domestic, public, private

Our strength lies in our ability to bring together a range of sources of capital to get a deal done. Structuring a financing with the right balance of debt or equity, combined with government incentives, can have a significant effect on a company’s success, either domestically or in international markets. You can count on us to assist you structuring financing deals for maximum positive results.

That, combined with our public policy expertise in domestic and foreign markets, gives Roseview a unique edge in helping companies establish themselves and be successful in Canada and beyond.

Public Policy

At Roseview we believe that a company’s success, particularly in North American markets, is tied to a number of factors, not the least of which are:

  • Its understanding of the public policy environment in different international jurisdictions, and the resultant impact that has on corporate decision making 
  • Its ability to maximize the use of government incentives and programs where they exist
  • Its representation by knowledgeable, respected advocates in all political jurisdictions
  • Specific regulation and legislation which may have a direct impact on your business

Working with government agencies and programs is familiar territory for Roseview. Our public policy specialist, Mike Dearden, has spent 30 years working in and around government, honing his skills on how to help business understand and work with the public sector. Mike provides our clients with an in-depth understanding of various geo-political environments and advises on how best to position corporate initiatives in different jurisdictions.

Mike also has a very successful track record in advising government on the development of specialized funding and support programs for private sector firms that have high potential for job creation, both in domestic and international markets. Where appropriate, Roseview advocates on companies’ behalf, if they have particular needs that are not being met under existing legislation or programs.

Strategic Planning

Understanding the market into which you’re going, and being armed with the right resources, is critical to a company’s success, particularly in foreign markets or new markets.

The foundation of Roseview Capital’s unique professional services offering combines access to:

  1. Growth capital
  2. Public policy advice and
  3. Communications and marketing

What sets us apart is our ability to bring these three critical elements together in a dynamic plan – a roadmap of sorts – that connects our clients with world-wide opportunities.

At Roseview, our relationship with clients does not end with the plan. We are committed to assisting with the execution of the plan, matching your business with the best market opportunities, and continuing to work with you to open doors and facilitate relationships.

Your success is our success!